Hang Seng Youth Career Planning Scheme

Career Assessment

Through completing questionnaires and meetings, youths will get to understand their personalities, strengths/ weaknesses and choice of career. The youths will then have a preliminary idea about their career prospects and paving the way for their future endeavors.

Learning and Exploration

Allow youths to understand the real work setting in different industries through experiential learning. For instance, visiting the working places, job shadowing, talks and workshops, etc. It aims to assist the youths in finding a job or implementing their start-up business plan. Meanwhile, it also allows youths to have a wide variety of career options and thus increases their personal capability.

Employment/ Entrepreneurship Service

Offer job matching, career counselling, counselling, start-up training, business operation guidance and start-up subsidies to youths who are finding a job or setting up their business. It assists the youths to overcome the difficulties they faced during their employment in a positive way or allows them to put their business plan into practice.

About Us

Implemented by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong and supported by Hang Seng Bank, the “Hang Seng Youth Career Planning Scheme” (“the Scheme”) strives to respond to the learning needs of the youths. The Scheme has been developing an experiential learning platform out of the school, aiming at assisting the youths-in-need to explore the current situation and development of different industries starting out by their interests and abilities. The youths will then learn how to plan and equip themselves with what they need, in order to reach their life goals by reforming their ambitions on employment and/or entrepreneurship.

Through the Scheme, the youths will get to learn something new about themselves and the real work setting of specific industries that they expect to work in. It will help them review their directions of future development and implement their plans for further study, employment or entrepreneurship.

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Hang Seng Youth Career Planning scheme welcomes youths aged 16-30 who are interested in starting up their own business or require assistance in seeking a job.

If you wish to join our scheme, please make an appointment through this website and complete the application form in order for our staff to understand your needs.

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