The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong

Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement

This “Statement” applies to all departments and service units of the The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as the Association). In the text, “we” (as the case may be) refers to the Association or its related departments and service units.

1. Privacy Policy Statement

1.1 Our commitment
The Association respects personal privacy, and every employee takes the protection of personal data privacy as its own responsibility. As a data user, the Association will fully implement and abide by the data protection principles and the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the Ordinance). We will ensure that all personal data collected, used, retained, disclosed, transferred, secured and accessed must be processed in accordance with the responsibilities and requirements stipulated by the regulations.

1.2 Categories of Personal Data
In summary, the personal data held by the Association falls into the following six categories:
-Personnel information: The association holds personnel information and records of current and former employees. In addition, the Association also holds the information of applicants applying for positions in the Association, but the personal information of the unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after the recruitment process is completed.
-Service records: including the personal data provided by current and former service users as a result of applying for services to the Association and all relevant records of service acceptance or referral.
-Donor records: including personal information, contact methods, bank or credit card information, etc. of those who donate money and/or materials to the Association.
-Volunteer/mentor/supporter records: including the personal data of all volunteers/mentor/supporters who participated in assisting the association’s activities, voluntary work, training activities, and fundraising work.
-Records of engineering consultants/contractors/suppliers: including engineering consultants/contractors/suppliers who provide services and sell goods to the Association (including their employees serving the Association).
-Other records: including administrative and operational files, processing queries, complaints and related investigations
Information, participation in social work and other courses internships, participation in the promotion and training activities organized by the Association, etc.

1.3 The main purpose of saving personal data
Generally speaking, the main purposes of the Association for storing personal data are as follows:

-Personnel records:
The purpose of saving personal data of current and former employees is for human resource management purposes and for the service or operational needs of the Association, such as: employment, salary, benefits, attendance, discipline Actions, training and career development, as well as providing work certificates and other related matters. The information of job applicants is to be used to assess whether the applicant is suitable for employment or appointment to a certain position.

Service record:
Save personal data of service users to process their service applications to the Association in order to provide or refer them to the appropriate or necessary services they need; such data may also be used for the daily operation of the Association, staff supervision and training , Monitor and review the progress and development of various services, communications and related research and investigations.

– Donor record:
Save personal data of donors to handle administrative work related to donations and/or materials, including issuance of receipts, thank-you letters, solicitation of donations/materials, donation/material records, and promotion of our services, communications, event promotion and event invitations And other purposes.

-Volunteer/mentor/supporter record:
The personal data of volunteers/mentors/supporters are saved and used for activities, training and volunteer work promotion and invitations, communications, training, fundraising, attendance and service hours held by the Association and its service units.

-Engineering consultant/contractor/supplier records:
Save the engineering consultants/contractors/suppliers (including their
The personal data of employees) are used by the Association to select, hire, manage, supervise and evaluate them to provide services and sell products to the Association.

-Other records:
The purpose of keeping these records varies and depends on the nature of the records, such as responding to related enquiries, complaints, arranging social worker internships and later reviews, event insurance, training registration and attendance records, statistics and research, etc.

1.4 Practice

The Deputy Director General/Service Supervisor of the Association is responsible for supervising and supervising the compliance of the staff of the Association with the provisions of the regulations, and coordinating various service units and departments to formulate internal measures and guidelines for the protection of personal data.

In order to ensure that all staff comply with the requirements set out in the regulations, the Association has:
-“Data Protection Record Book”;
-“Data Access Request Form (OPS003)”-The data subject can use this form to request access and obtain personal data held by the club about him/her;
-“Data Correction Request Form”-The data subject can use this form to request correction of his/her personal data held by the club.

If you want to check and correct your personal data with the Association, or notify the Association to stop/receive the promotion information of the Association, you can make relevant requests to the Data Protection Officer of the Association’s head office or other relevant designated persons.

1.5 Browse our website
Except for online donations, cookies (if any) set on other parts of our website will not be used to collect personal information. Cookies are small computer files that can be saved in the computer of a web user. The function is to obtain configuration data and analyze the browsing habits of web users. Web pages often use cookies to track the user’s favorite website themes. Users can modify related Internet options or computer system browsing preferences and refuse to store cookies. However, users may not be able to use or activate some of the functions provided by our web pages. .

In addition, the website of the Association will link to other websites, and the Association will not be responsible for the policies and security of personal data processed by other websites.


2. Personal Information Collection Statement

2.1 Principles for the collection of personal data

1. The Association will follow legal and fair methods to collect sufficient but not excessive personal information, and such information can only be used for the legal purposes stated at the time of collection or directly related to the services and activities of the Association.
2. The Association takes all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that all personal data collected or stored are accurate and used in accordance with the purpose of collection.
3. The Association will take all reasonable and feasible measures to delete personal data that is no longer needed.
4. Before collecting data, the Association will inform the data subject of the purpose of collecting the data and the types of persons who may refer the data to other parties.

2.2 Purpose of collecting personal data

1. Provide and refer service to service users;
2. Handle the procedures related to recruiting volunteers and mentors, recruiting and hiring employees;
3. Handle the administrative work related to donations/materials, including issuing receipts, thank-you letters, collecting donations/materials, donation/material records, etc.;
4. For communications related to the work of the Association, to provide fundraising and service materials such as regular newsletters, periodicals, etc.;
5. Organize fundraising, voluntary work, training and promotion activities;
6. Used for statistics or data research and investigation;
7. For other purposes directly related to the service, fundraising, promotion, training and operations of the Association.

2.3 Consequences of failure to provide information

Except for the data specified as mandatory in the data collection form, the provision of other personal data is voluntary. If you fail to provide the necessary information as requested, it may result in our failure to process your request or provide services.

2.4 Storage and use of personal data

1. All personal data provided to the Association will be properly stored and kept confidential to avoid unauthorized or accidental review, processing or other purposes. The Association will not sell, rent or transfer the information to any person or organization in any form.
2. This information will be used in accordance with the purpose stated at the time of collection. And save the relevant information until the purpose is completed. Only employees of the Association or authorized representatives who need to perform their duties can use and process these personal data.
3. When necessary, the Association will provide personal information in accordance with statutory or contractual obligations or court regulations, but they must prove their rights/capabilities to access the information.
4. The data subject can also request the Association to stop using their personal data for the above purposes at any time, free of charge.

2.5 Access and update personal information

1. The data subject has the right to request access to and correction of his/her personal data kept by the Association, but excluding personal data that has been deleted after the purpose of use has been achieved. The Association will charge the parties reasonable fees for handling data access matters. The details are as follows:
-Administrative fee of HK$70, including 10-page photocopy (in A4 single-sided black and white photocopy); and
-HK$1 per subsequent page (printed in A4 single-sided black and white).
2. The party’s right to access includes obtaining a copy of his/her personal data after paying the required fees.
3. Requests for data access and correction should be made in writing by filling in the “Data Access Request Form (OPS003)” or “Data Correction Request Form”.
4. Except for items exempted according to the regulations, after receiving a request for inspection/request/correction, the Association will first check the authenticity and validity of the request, and usually reply in writing within 40 days of receiving the request.

2.6 Amendment statement

The content of this statement will be revised/updated from time to time. Please visit our website for the latest version. In case of discrepancies or conflicts between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

2.7 Query

If you have any inquiries about our privacy policy and practices, or want to access and correct your personal information, or notify you to stop/re-receive our promotion information, please submit them to our association through the following channels.

Contact Person: Data Protection Officer, Hong Kong Society of Good Guidance
Address: Room 603, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: 2527 1322
Fax number: 2865 1089