Chat with JSI

Hang Seng Youth Career Planning scheme cooperates with professionals or employers of different sectors over many years, assisting the youths to understand the current development of different industries. Other than organizing activities, we will also arrange communication platform with the industry professionals. “Chat with our JSI” is an online chatting room in which the Job Shadowing Instructors (JSI) and participants can break out the boundaries and chat freely in this platform.

Start Time:
2:30 pm
End Time:
4:30 pm

👉🏻👉🏻 人人都想做老闆,人人都做到老闆嗎?你覺得做老闆要有咩條件最重要呀?
你如果想做一個成功既老闆,就要跟導師學下嘢啦,了解一下成功老闆既思維一係會有所得益的。有無諗過… 將來有一日,你可以放下盤生意,過你想過既人生同生活?